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Imperial Electrical

Imperial Electrical Debuts at Winter NAMM 2020




When the owners of Imperial Electrical decided they needed help attaining the special “mojo” required for a very special pedal, they enlisted the help of pedal designer and Jimmy Page aficionado Ben Fulton. Internationally renowned for his design work on several of the industries finest boutique pedals, Ben has also attained almost mythical status for his knowledge surrounding the gear and background of Mr. Page.


And so it was that fledgling pedal manufacturer Imperial Electrical reached out to Ben to collaborate on their debut release, appropriately entitled “Zeppelin”.


Born of what some would describe as an unhealthy fixation and love for the sound of Jimmy Page’s guitar, Mr. Fulton has created a device that accurately recreates Jimmy’s incendiary tone from the band’s iconic live album “The Song Remains the Same”. Filmed over three nights at Madison Square garden in 1973, the album captures the band (and Page) at the apex of their powers - and the pinnacle of Pages angular, laser beam “Les Paul into Marshall” tone.


Ben has always loved that sound and thus “Zeppelin” was created. And it captures that sound. Incredibly. Plug it into a clean amp with a hum bucker equipped guitar and there it is. In all its glory. Magnificent and Majestic. Love is the Law, Love Under Will.


This magicians tool bag of tone reproduces the two critical electronic elements in Jimmy’s sound. The Echoplex EP-3 Tape Echo preamp and the Marshall Plexi tone stack and preamp section.


The sound of Majik.


The PL control sets the level of the Echoplex EP-3 preamp the right-hand foot switch brings this in and out. Set it to boost. Set it at unity. Set it to pad. Your call.


The other 3 controls determine the sound of the Marshall Plexi portion of the pedal. PR sets the preamp gain, TO is a unique, single dial tone control that lets you dial in all the clarity and bite of Page’s original sound or dial it back - to accommodate using the pedal with a wide range of amplifiers. The final dial “PO” sets the power section output gain.


That’s it. 4 dials. Your very own Hammer of the Gods in The Houses of the Holy.


Imperial Electrical will debut the “Zeppelin” at Alpha Distribution’s booth # 4147 in Hall D at Winter NAMM 2020.

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